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Dylan Lizarraga

Born in Florida and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, Dylan has made his own way and is proud to call himself a teacher. For four years, he has assisted and ran the program for a Scout Camp on Catalina Island. Every day was an opportunity to expand leadership skills and independence through outdoor adventure. It was here that he discovered his drive to work for the benefit of youth. He then spent two years in South Monterey County in California teaching English language intervention to K-4 students. Alongside that, he consistently volunteered alongside Migrant Education, serving the youth and families of our migrant workers, many of whom are undocumented. Working in and around the county office of education, he became familiar with their education system, as well as the impact of additional programs that run outside of district funding. Affirming his desire to empower youth he learned how significant community relations are and how to better connect resources for the benefit of the whole.


Since returning to the San Gabriel Valley he has found a home with the SGV LGBTQ Center. With his life experience he plans to help us build a safe and inclusive environment for all.

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