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Vicky Mitchell 

Vicky Mitchell is a transgender woman who has been an out and active member of the LGBTQIA community for nearly 20 years. Vicky is a founding member of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles and moderates several web sites dealing with transgender people’s lives, including sites where suicide and self-harm prevention are the main purposes of the site, as well as sites dealing with addiction recovery in the transgender and LGB groups. Vicky is a State Of California Retiree who worked for the Franchise Tax Board where she gained extensive knowledge of the operation of non-profit corporations. Since retiring, she has appeared in several trans related shows and documentaries and has spoken to USC’s Keck School of Medicine about providing medical care for trans people. Vicky is very passionate about providing information about trans young people and giving help to their parents in supporting their children, especially in the negatively charged political environment we are currently experiencing.

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