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Dennie Gutierrez

Dennie is a gay man who lived a “straight life” for 59 years, enduring many trials and tribulations. Having come out so late in life, he felt that he needed to find friends in the gay community, and turned to the Pasadena Pride Center. Upon interacting with the Pasadena Pride Center members, he discovered that the LGBTQ community in the San Gabriel Valley is an incredibly diverse one. Having heard the community's stories (both positive and negative), life experiences, and needs, he felt he had found a purpose for his new life as an out gay man: helping others. He was elected as a board member of The Pasadena Pride Center in early 2016, and stayed with the organization as we moved to Arcadia and became the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center. Dennie firmly believes in our mission to promote a safe and inclusive San Gabriel Valley for all people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

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