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RECAP: Moms Demand Action - Gun Violence and the Transgender Community

The San Gabriel Valley chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is an organization of grassroot volunteers who share a common goal - to protect our children, families, and communities from senseless and preventable gun violence. On Nov 15th they had their first chapter potluck honoring those in the LGBTQ community who have lost their lives to gun violence. Falling on the same week of Transgender Awareness Week Moms Demand Action invited the SGV LGBTQ Center to help bring more awareness to the Moms Demand Action community. One of our fellow board members at SGV LGBTQ Center, Vick Mitchell, spoke on the topic of gun violence and the transgender community. See her recap below.

"Moms For Action Now is affiliated with the Every Town For Gun Safety organization. They are involved in firearms safety awareness and political action to influence legislators in sensible laws that promote gun safety and look to the underlying causes of gun violence. California did a very good job of electing candidates that the group supported. Many of the members are Survivors of Gun Violence, a class which includes family members of people murdered by guns and family members who have committed suicide using a firearm. The second group (suicides) actually includes me with a sister who committed suicide with a .32 caliber Ruger hand gun. Throw in my LGBTQ friends in both categories, not to mention direct gun threats I have had and I fitted in well. The members present last night included a professor of Social Work from CSULA and two other school teachers, along with students at two other colleges in our area. Some were actively mothering young and teenage children. Only two men out of 30 people though.

As I usually do when I give talks, I ask how many people have knowingly met a Transgender Person before they met me. Usually the response is NONE, but for this group, about 25 people out of the 30 had knowingly met other Trans or NB (Non binary) people. The are legitimately interested in the LGBTQ community and can be classified as allies. They had specifically asked to have a Transgender speaker because the person putting this together knew this was Transgender Awareness Week! How cool is that?"

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